The football sailed across the front yard, not a perfect spiral but as close to perfect as J.J. Kent-Fordman could manage. The pass fell through the hands of the dark-haired receiver, and Clark watched from their front porch as the ball was returned to his blond-haired, blue-eyed son. The soon-to-be-ten year old threw another pass that perfectly mimicked Whitney’s unmistakable style, and Clark applauded, laughing as he sat on the porch railing. J.J.'s "receiver," Chuck Stone, leaped into the air and snagged the pass, then fell down laughing.

“J.J., that was a great pass!” Clark shouted to him, but along with the pride he felt there was also a melancholy memory of first steps, training wheels, skinned knees and mercurochrome. Tomorrow his son would be ten. Time wasn't supposed to pass this quickly, was it?

J.J. beamed. "Just like Pop, huh, Dad?"

"Close enough for horseshoes."

J.J. groaned. "You sound like Grandpa."

"I'll take that as a compliment," he called back, then muttered, "I think."

“I beg your pardon?”

Clark turned and saw Martha behind him on the porch. How she'd heard his comment, he couldn't imagine. He smiled, hiding his trepidation. “My son just made me feel old," he told her. "Seeing him running around out there…” Clark stopped and looked back over the yard. “Where did all the time go, Mom?”

Martha put an arm around her son's waist and gave him a motherly hug. “Parents have been asking that question since time began. Why don’t you ask Whitney? He may not have the answer, but he'll know exactly how you feel.” She motioned to the car that was pulling into the driveway. Martha turned and headed to her car. “Your father and I will be here tomorrow at one for J.J.’s party.”

"With cake?"

Martha laughed. "With cake!"

"You're the best!"

"Yes, I am," Martha said as she slid behind the wheel of the SUV. She drove off with a wave, and Clark returned his attention to his son's attempt to make the perfect pass.

He heard the gravel of the path crunching under the boots of his companion, and knowing what was coming, he leaned back into the embrace just as Whitney slid his arms around Clark's waist. This was home, in so many ways. Clark could not believe how much had changed...

“Clark, sit down!”

Clark was walking in circles around the waiting room. They had been back there for four hours now. ‘It should not take this long, should it?’ 

“Clark SIT DOWN!”

Startled for a moment, Clark glanced back and saw Lana and Lois glaring at him. He looked at Lex’s smirk and realized he was the one who spoke. Clark plopped heavily onto a waiting room chair and sighed. “Happy now?”

Lois muttered something to her husband and Lex laughed. “Clark,” Lex said flatly, “Chloe will be fine and Whitney is with her. You are making everyone crazy!”

Pete, Lana, and Lois all laughed at Clark’s sudden pout. It was his Mom who cheered him up. “Honey, she is fine, the baby is healthy, and you are going to need to rest while you can. Everything changes after today.”

Clark’s heart started beating a mile a minute. He did not notice his breathing was coming in rapid succession until his Dad placed a hand on this shoulder. “Son, calm down. You will be a great parent, you and Whit both. Besides, it's too late to panic now.”

It was then that Whitney walked into the room wearing an expression that was somewhere between joy, amazement and shell-shock. “Clark, come on. There is someone who wants to meet you. Our son.”

Clark remembered his eyes getting moist as he walked down with Whitney and saw an exhausted Chloe. “Hey you,” he said and barely had time to take her hand and kiss her forehead before one of the nurses brought a brilliant, beautiful light into the room. It glowed all around Clark's heart as J.J. was placed in his arms. It was love at first sight.

“You there?” Whitney asked with a gentle nudge to Clark’s ribs.

Clark blushed for a second and focused on Chuck chasing J.J. around the yard. “Just thinking about the past.”

Whitney shook his head and released Clark. "You going to make dinner?” he asked as he moved toward the front door.

Clark turned and flashed a patented grin at his husband. “I said I would, but you have to provide dessert.” Clark’s flirting was interrupted by a howl from the yard. He turned and found the boys wrestling. “J.J. behave! You will be in trouble if either of you get hurt.”

J.J. lifted his bright blond head and smiled. “Aw, dad. We’re just playing. Can I spend the night at Chuck’s?”

Clark heard a muffled laugh behind him. It probably had to do with more of J.J.’s actions. Whitney had commented many times that J.J. reminded him of him growing up.

“Did you ask Miss Jane if you could?” Making a note to kill Whitney later for making it so hard to keep his face stern, Clark continued to face his son. “Well?”

J.J. looked at his friend, the son of two of Whitney and Clark’s high school peers. “No, but can Chuck call and ask her if I can?”

Clark motioned for the boys to follow him in the house. Shooting a death glare at Whitney, his nose picked up the scent of two stinky boys. “J.J., if she says yes, then you are taking a bath before we head over.” Clark ignored the groans and walked to the kitchen. Whitney was placing the few purchases he’d walked in with away in the pantry. Clark was amazed that Whit was in his early forties now. Only the small lines around his eyes gave any indication. Other than that, he looked like he did ten years ago. “Thanks for laughing.”

“My pleasure." There was a hint of promise in his tone that made Clark want to collect on that promise then and there. Whitney saw it and considering the proximity of the kids, changed the subject. "He reminds me of me when I was growing up. I would play all day and then come in stinking to heaven and I’d kiss my mom. Used to make her crazy. Just be glad he doesn’t come over and stand next to you.”

On cue in came two smiling boys, “Dad, Pop, she said I could.” J.J. sent a big grin towards his parents.

Clark’s nose was not happy with both of them standing near him. “Well, go shower and I’ll drive you two over there. Chuck, would you like something to drink?”

The dark haired boy looked up. “No thank you, Mr. Clark. I’ll go play on J.J.’s computer.”

Clark watched as Chuck, Jane and Brent’s son, ran up the stairs to J.J.’s room.

“Whitney, don’t you think it’s dangerous? He could fall down the stairs.” Clark was watching the one-year-old J.J. toddle around his room. The same room that used to be Whitney’s as a boy.

Whitney laughed and picked up J.J. when he plopped down on his Pampers-padded butt. “Clark, that is why there are baby gates and why we keep an eye on him.” Whitney saw Clark’s frown. “He's a kid, Clark, he's going to get bumps and bruises. We can’t stop them.”

Clark leaned over and kissed J.J. “We can try to, we can try.”

Whitney chuckled and whispered, “There are some things that even Superman can’t stop.”

Clark reached over and tickled their son. “No, your Papa is wrong. I will always be there to keep you safe.”

Whitney settled back on the bed, reading the latest edits for his book. He felt the bed sag as Clark climbed on. “So, what is bothering you so much today? You’ve been staring off into space most of it.”

Clark rolled on his side, facing Whit. “I just feel it. I can sense the movement of time. So much that I took for granted, I get now.” He saw the quizzical stare of his partner. “Hard to explain, but the shoe is on the other foot. I know now how my Dad loved me. I was watching J.J. and realized I was in the same position he was. He is my son, regardless of genetics.” Clark felt a hand on his.

“Did you ever doubt it? Jonathan loves you and J.J. IS your son, as he is mine.” Whit leaned over and kissed Clark. “Never doubt it.”

Clark smiled. “I never doubted I was loved, I just understand it better.” Clark returned the kiss with passion. “You do realize that we have the house to ourselves?”

Whitney chuckled against Clark’s mouth. “I was hoping you’d pick up on that.” Whitney slid his hand along Clark’s jaw. The other moved along Clark’s chest. “You haven’t changed at all, these past few years.”

Clark kissed Whit back, divesting him of his clothes as he touched his longtime lover. “Have you seen the gray in my hair? That is natural and all related to our son.”

Whitney helped Clark remove his boxers. “No more talking about J.J., this is our night.” Whitney placed a kiss on Clark’s chest, amazed that after so long he could still not get enough of the beautiful man, gray hairs and all.

Clark shifted and used his superior strength to place Whitney under him. He kissed the strong jaw, running his tongue along the day old stubble. Trailing his tongue lower, along the chorded neck, towards the sparsely covered chest that still reflected years of athletic prowess. Clark took his time. It was rare that the house was empty and they had the leisure to enjoy the moment. Clark felt the shift in Whitney’s legs, as they were raised at the knees. He slid his hand along the trail that led to Whit’s cock, lightly teasing it to full hardness.

“That for me?” Clark teased.

Whitney smiled. “Oh yeah, all for you.”

Clark reached for a tube from the nightstand. In moments he had both of them prepared. In a smooth stroke born of familiarity, Clark entered Whitney. He leaned down and kissed his lover and he drove deep with a slow stroke, savoring the feelings of intimacy. Swallowing the moan under him, Clark moved in a slow steady rhythm building up tension. He cheated and floated a bit, allowing him room to reach his hand between their sweaty bodies to stroke Whit’s turgid cock. His breathing quickened, Clark could not hold back his orgasm, giving in as Whit did.

“Love you," Whitney whispered hoarsely.

“I know.”

“J.J., don’t put that in your mouth.”

Clark laughed at Whitney. He was normally the one who was saying “No” and “don’t”, it was fun to see J.J.  stare up at Whitney with a blank expression. “Now Whitney, he wasn’t doing anything.”

Clark stopped, as did Whitney, and looked at J.J., “What was that, pumpkin?”


Clark kept a watchful eye on the wild Indians splashing in and out of the pool. Eighteen of J.J.’s friends were keeping him hyper-vigilant. In the house behind him, his old friends chatting and catching up. He strained his super-hearing occasionally to try to catch the topic of their conversation, but the partiers and birthday boy were too noisy. Clark felt a hand on his arm and saw it was his mother.

“Do you still feel that time moves too fast?”

He saw the twinkle in her eye. “Yes, but it’s all for the best.” 

“KIDS! The burgers and hot dogs are ready!” Whitney yelled from the outdoor grill.

Clark motioned for his mom to go grab something and saw the adults coming out of the house to help serve the kids. Clark walked over to stand near Whitney, in case he needed any help. All the kids were out of the pool and drying off. It was a warm late September day, perfect for a pool party. “Need any help?”

Whitney graced Clark with a smile. “No, not really. How are you doing?”

Clark leaned close to Whit, whispering in his ear. “Our baby is ten today, how do you think I’m doing?”

Both of them stopped and moved back when Lana and Pete came over to them. Pete handed a package to Clark. “This just arrived. It’s from Chloe.”

Clark examined the package, knowing it was a present for J.J. and a recorded message. She was on assignment in Brussels, unable to get back, but she would make it up to him when she did come home. “I’ll make sure J.J. gets it later. How are you two doing?”

Lana laughed. “We are fine. Though being married to the mayor is a bit tiring.” Pete was in his second term as Mayor of Smallville. “So, what did you get for J.J.?”

Clark looked at Whitney for a moment before responding. “We got him a new bike.”

“Okay J.J., push down on the pedal and the other one will come up,” Clark explained to his son. He glanced over to Whitney who was watching and encouraging J.J.

“Okay Daddy.”

Clark watched as J.J. managed to pedal his bike down the driveway, his training wheels helping him keep balanced. “Daddy, Papa! I did it”

Whitney hugged Clark close, placing a kiss on his cheek. “Our little boy is growing up.”

“Happy Birthday, J.J.” that was repeated several times as J.J. was led into the dining room, where the table was covered in presents.

Clark watched as J.J. tore through various boxes and cards, the kid always raked it in when it came to presents. Having two sets of God-parents helped, as well as an adoring ‘aunt’ who loved to spoil him. 

“Hey Dad! Aunt Chloe sent me all this Sherlock Holmes stuff! A game called ‘221 B Baker Street’ for my computer, some books, and these cool clothes. I have a Halloween costume now!”

Whitney laughed and looked at the game. “Very nice, be sure to email her and thank her.”

“Okay, Pop” J.J. returned his attention to the other gifts on the table.

Clark went to help his mom cut the cake and serve it. “Does it get easier?”

Martha graced Clark with a sad smile. “No, it doesn’t. You savor every moment and cherish them, but it gets worse because his life is becoming more and more his own.”

Clark looked at Martha and smirked. “You were supposed to lie to me and make me feel better.”

“Hey Dad! It’s been two hours, can we go swimming again?”

Clark looked at J.J. and decided to get a little back. “Ask your Pop if you can.” Clark chuckled as J.J. ran up to Whitney and started begging to go swimming again.

“Okay, we will place your tooth under your pillow and when the Tooth Fairy comes, she will leave you a present,” Clark told J.J. as he was tucking him in for the night.

J.J. yawned, “Chuck says the Tooth Fairy is not real.”

Whitney walked in and kissed J.J. “Don’t believe everything Chuck tells you. Remember, he shaved his dog and got in trouble.”

J.J. laughed. “That was funny.”

Clark turned off the lamp next to J.J.’s bed. “The Tooth Fairy will visit and remember this conversation when you ask for a dog again.”

J.J. pouted, “Daddy!”

Clark shared a look with Whitney, then turned to J.J as he began to close the door. “Good night son. We love you.”

Whitney looked over the disaster that was the Living Room. He heard Clark coming down the stairs. “Is he asleep?”

Clark nodded and began helping Whitney clean up the room. He cheated, using his speed to finish the job in moments. “All done.”

Whitney just shook his head as he plopped on a couch. “He had fun, didn’t he?”

Clark settled next to Whitney, pulling him close. “Yes he did, just as we did.” Clark placed a kiss on Whit’s cheek. “I love you. So much is thanks to a random meeting in a bookstore.”

Whitney leaned back in the embrace, the comfort and warmth all he ever needed anymore. “It also needed time. I’m not big on the idea of fate, but it feels right.”

Clark tightened his hold on his lover. “We were comfortable with who we were, allowing us to become who we are. Life is strange in some ways, it has turned out far different from what I expected at J.J.’s age.”

Whit laughed. “Well, I achieved my dream, winning the Super Bowl, little did I know that life would be so much better after that.”

Clark kissed Whitney deeply. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”


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