Whitney groaned as he looked at the Lifestyle section of the New York Times. The headline article was The Prince and the Knight. The picture was of him and Lex just three nights ago at the awards banquet. ‘At least it is a good picture of us.’ Whitney leaned back in the chair he was using in Lex’s penthouse office. Lex was at work, doing some deal for Lex Corp, while Whitney was sitting here not-quite-able to believe that he was now in an open relationship. He'd been to school and seen the looks on some of the people’s faces, but he ignored them. Experiencing college was much different for him than other students. Many were searching for something, to find a life, to experience new things. For him it was a haven from the past. He had more life experience than he really wanted and now that he was ‘out’, he was gaining a new perspective. It was like the world had flipped suddenly. A few of the jocks he talked to in class avoided him, and one art student actually asked him out. Whitney shook his head and went back to reading. The article was not long, a puff piece, if that could be said for a Times article, but coupled with Time and Newsweek , the cat was out of the bag.

“I hope that you are proud of yourself.”

Whitney turned to look at a pissed Lionel. “What are you talking about?”

Lionel moved behind the desk and motioned at the paper in Whitney’s hand. “That article, which makes it very clear that Lex and you are a happy couple. What is your game, Mr. Fordman?”

Whitney sat back and looked at Lionel, trying to control his temper. “There is no game, Mr. Luthor.”

Lionel laughed but it did not reach his eyes. "I've checked. Lex has given you access to his fortune, yet you have not touched it?”

"I don't want his money... I'm fine."

Lionel refused to believe that Whitney wanted nothing from Lex. Everyone used other people, only the reasons changed from person to person. "If it's not money, what do you want?"

Whitney flash a genuine smile. "To be with your son."

“That sounds incredibly simple. It's not."

"Only YOU care... Why?" Whitney wanted to leave. Lionel’s presence was overwhelming and he knew how to corner a person.

"My son has plans for his life. You are destroying them." Lionel regarded Whitney coolly. The boy had shown his mettle under live fire, but he now had to deal with him.

Whit met Lionel‘s gaze, refusing to back down from this discussion. Too much had changed in a matter of days. "How does my love destroy his life? He's happy!"

“Lex will be happy when he has achieved his destiny. The only thing you can do to help him is leave and never look back.”

When Lex walked into the house and heard his father’s voice coming from his office, he cringed. He’d been avoiding his father’s phone calls ever since the news became public.

“Leave him now and we can repair the damage.”


This from Whitney. Lex stepped briskly toward his office to intervene, but he stopped, unable to keep himself from eavesdropping when Whitney continued, "That's not going to happen, Lionel. I am in as deep as Lex is. Our picture is on the cover of Newsweek . Besides, I happen to be in love with your son."

Lex moved to listen more closely but was careful not to be seen. His heart swelled with pride as Whitney discussed their lives with his father.

“And that alone may be enough destroy any hope he has of achieving his destiny," Lionel argued, his voice low but dangerous. "But if you leave, Whitney--if you let us begin damage control now…”

Whitney was losing patience, and when his patience went, his temper usually filled the void. Lionel was leaning over the desk, and Whitney mirrored his position. He was not going to back down from the challenge. "Funny, the press seems to think Lex is human, now."

Lionel laughed at Whitney. “The press is liberal. America is not.”

Whitney reached for the paper on the desk and turned to the Editorials. "Then explain the Planet Op/Eds...about the gay Marine."

Lionel stood up, seeking to gain some leverage and force this young man to see some sense. “This isn't about you, Whitney, it's about Lex. His future! And I can assure you, Americans don't want a warm, fuzzy, soft, "human" homosexual president!”

Whitney straightened as well, his anger showing in his voice. "You are so full of yourself, Lionel. I'm not leaving and that is final. If you think about it, I AM the perfect trophy husband." Whitney took a deep breath and sat down, regaining his composure. "Besides, Lex and 'warm and fuzzy' is something only I would know about."

Lex bit his lip to keep from making a sound. He was trying to figure out what his father was up to--the man had ulterior motives for every action. He was amazed that Whitney was going toe-to-toe with Lionel though; that was something Lex still avoided at all costs.

Lionel took a moment to sit down and reflect on the heated exchange. “You're a bigger fool than my son, Mr. Fordman.”

Whitney smiled. "Well, fortune favors the foolish."

Lionel smirked, “I believe the quote is, 'Fortune favors the bold.'"

"Star Trek." Whit said with a matching smirk. "And I think I have plenty of bold in me." Whitney had had enough of this conversation. He leaned forward again, fixing his gaze on Lionel‘s eyes. He spoke low and with menace. "Listen now...and listen well. I am NOT leaving Lex...and I know Lex won't leave me."

Lionel was impressed that the boy actually had the balls to threaten Lionel Luthor. Of course, he made sure not to show that he was impressed.  "Then you will be a first, Mr. Fordman."

The shift in tone threw Whitney for a second. "First what, Mr. Luthor?"

Lionel smiled and this one did reach his eyes. "The first thing my son has ever seen through from start to finish." Lionel studied Whitney for a reaction.

Whit saw the predatory grin aimed at him. "I trust HIM, sir, and love him. If nothing else, we took our time getting to this place. Let US succeed or fail in our own time. I think we have both earned that right."

Lionel rose and prepared to leave. He stopped at the office door and faced Whitney. "Perhaps you have, but don't count on my endorsement of this affair. Lex has made his bed--I'm sure you'll at least make it pleasurable for him. Tell Lex I stopped by." Lionel strode out with that.

Lex heard the end of the conversation and moved so Lionel would not see him. No point in spoiling a perfectly good exit. Besides, there was some place Lex had to be. As soon as Lionel had let himself out, Lex moved quietly into the office.

Whitney was seated, leaning forward in the chair, elbows on his knees, head in his hands. “He’s gone.” Lex knelt and pulled Whit into an embrace.

Whitney returned the embrace, holding Lex tight. "Did you hear?"


“What if he's right? What if I’ve ruined your future?”

Lex stood and leaned on his desk while looking at his lover. “We won’t know until we try.” Lex pulled Whit to his feet and they met in a full body hug. “We will do this our way, together.”

Whit kissed Lex and held on, forcing himself to calm down. This was all that mattered. He pulled back and ran a hand along Lex’s arm. “Your father was not happy with me.”

Lex laughed and kissed Whit again. “He’s never happy with anyone, especially me. I bet he was impressed that you argued with him. Shall we go out and grab a bite to eat?”

Whitney laughed. “You just want to show me off again.” Much of the Banquet was fuzzy but Whitney did remember the pride Lex took in introducing him around. It was the same pride Whitney felt when Lex faced any and all challenges. He threw his arm over Lex’s neck. “I believe it is your turn to pick the restaurant.”

Lex smiled and led Whit to their bedroom, knowing that many challenges awaited them both.

Destiny's Way

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