Operational Failure

Seth was horny. Well hornier than normal. He was jerking off so much that he was concerned about rubbing his cock raw. What he really wanted was to see if he could entice Ryan into play time, but despite all his hanging around the pool house Seth had yet to manage to get into Ryan’s jeans. Not that Seth was gay, he liked Summer a lot, but he’d seen Beautiful Thing and was curious. He saw a lot of Ryan in Ste and wanted to see if kissing a boy was any different than kissing a girl. Seth knew he wasn’t gay, just very curious.

Seth had a plan though and it involved deception, but he had no problem with that as long as he would end up testing his theory about Ryan on Ryan. Getting up early was a sacrifice, especially on the weekend, but he was willing to make it for this escapade. He’d heard his mom leave around the same time his dad went surfing and Seth snuck into their bathroom. His parents were always going at it like bunny rabbits, but he’d seen the magic medicine bottle on the nightstand once. Seth crept inside and found the bottle in the medicine cabinet. Seth hoped his dad didn’t count the pills and swiped three of them. He only needed the one, but had two more for backup plans.

As he made his way to the kitchen Seth considered that maybe he hadn’t planned it all the way out. He had the pills, but now he had to get Ryan to take one without knowing what he was taking. Maybe then he could catch Ryan in a compromising position and satisfy his curiosity. Now he just had to find a way…

Ryan was not a morning person and the fact that Seth was already hyper didn’t bode well. “Did you have a caffeine infusion this morning?”

Seth smiled and handed Ryan a steaming cup of coffee. “Dude, Frosted Flakes and double espresso…it’s all good.”

Ryan’s eyebrows tried to join his hairline, but he didn’t say anything. He took a huge chug of coffee and the bitterness was more intense than he remembered, but figured Seth forgot to take out his magic espresso mix. He grabbed a muffin and used it to change the taste in his mouth.

“So, any plans today?”

“Yeah, soon. Need to get ready.” Ryan drained his cup and left the mangled muffin on the counter.

Seth watched Ryan walk out of the kitchen and waited a beat before he went out to the pool and loitered a few more moments. He didn’t know how long it would take, but he hoped it would be soon. Patience was never his strong suit so he walked into the pool house as Ryan walked out of the bathroom, a towel slung low on his hips.

“Seth? Looking for something?” Ryan asked while drying his hair.

“Just some comics I left. Where are you going?” Seth tried to keep his eyes off of Ryan’s groin.

Ryan dropped the towel and grabbed a pair of boxer-briefs. He ignored Seth’s wandering gaze and started looking for some relatively clean jeans. Even the shower and the large cup of coffee had not knocked the fog from his brain. “Luke’s coming by and we’re supposed to do something.”

Seth found a comic and shifted back and forth on his feet. “I thought we could…hang out…you know…we haven’t in awhile…”

The shirt muffled his initial response. Once he had it over his head, Ryan shrugged. “Sorry, man, have plans. But it shouldn’t take long and we can hang when I get back.”
Ryan patted Seth on the back and waved as Luke walked around the pool. “Hey, man.”

Seth waved and tried to smile at Luke’s nod. “Well, I guess I’ll see you when I see you. Maybe Summer is done with her spa thing.”

Ryan walked out with the other guys and reached down to adjust his crotch, not missing a step. He made it to Luke’s truck and sat back. Luke climbed in and they drove off.

Luke glanced over at Ryan. “Dude you haven’t said a word; are you okay?”

“Yeah, just feel weird.” Ryan reached down again and adjusted his crotch.

“Dude you don’t have to go with me, but I appreciate it.” Luke reached over and clapped Ryan on the shoulder.

“You need backup seeing your dad’s new place, I’m there for you.” Ryan reached again and was now aware that he was getting hard. The jeans he’d found weren’t going to conceal anything either. “Shit,” he muttered.

“What’s up?” Luke glanced over and noticed. “Dude.”

“Fuck!” Ryan covered his crotch, but it was a noticeable bulge. “Shit…”

“Now is not the time to be springing wood. You should get off more.” Luke smiled, but kept his eyes on the road.

“Man, not funny and I got off last night. I’m not even horny!” Ryan was blushing.

Luke started laughing. “Sorry dude, but you’re sixteen – you don’t need an excuse to get a boner.”

Ryan groaned and started banging his head against his seat. “I normally have more control than this.”

Luke laughed again, then tried to calm down. “Or you could be deeply attracted to me and your cock is admitting it for you.”

“Very funny,” Ryan scowled. “It’s not going down!”

Luke was about to respond when his phone rang. He talked for a few seconds and slugged Ryan in the arm lightly. “You’re off the hook; dad had to go into the office, but told me we could look around his new place.”

Sighing, Ryan rubbed his arm and punched Luke playfully in return. “That doesn’t solve this problem.” Ryan pointed to the obvious erection.

“What, you need help? Haul it out in the bathroom and get rid of it, no big deal…or well…never mind.” Luke blushed this time and followed the directions to his dad’s place. He pulled up and watched as Ryan kept his hands in front of his groin. Luke found the key where his dad said it would be and went inside. It was much smaller than the house Luke still lived in, but it had an ocean view and was perfect for a couple. He wandered around and started laughing at Ryan. “Dude, find a bathroom and get rid of it.”

“I can’t.”

Luke sputtered for a second. “Why not? Just open your jeans and…” Luke made the universal motion for beating off.

Ryan rolled his eyes and leaned back against the wall. His cock was evident in his jeans. “Not my house.”

Shaking his head Luke started looking around the house again, leaving Ryan for the moment. When he came back to the large open den, he found Ryan on the couch. Luke stared at his friend’s crotch for a moment. “Dude, I’m beginning to feel pain from your stiffy. It’s got to hurt.”

Nodding, Ryan shifted and winced a bit. He looked up when Luke walked right in front of him. “What?”

“Never say I didn’t do anything for you. Come on…” Luke pulled Ryan up and dragged him to the guest bedroom. He closed the door and placed his hand on Ryan’s crotch. “Consider it a friend giving you a helping hand.”

Ryan sighed and arched into the contact. “Where…back home, we reciprocate this.” He reached over and cupped Luke and found him just as hard, just better concealed in cargo shorts.

“Cool.” Luke moved his hand and unzipped Ryan’s jeans. He sighed along with Ryan once Ryan’s cock was free from the tight denim prison. Luke’s own shorts were pooled around his ankles. They were soon joined by his boxer-briefs. He rubbed Ryan’s cock while Ryan did the same. Luke backed off and took off his shirt, shoes and socks. He watched as Ryan did the same.

Ryan moved closer and motioned at the bed. Luke nodded and they lay down and started touching each other again. Ryan arched into the warm mouth that engulfed his cock. It was heaven and wonderful. Ryan shifted and started sucking on Luke. A helping hand was always repaid and if it was a mouth, then that was how it went too.

Seth was pacing around the pool worried about Ryan. It was now late in the afternoon and he’d been gone for hours. Seth stopped as Ryan walked, or rather limped, around the pool towards the pool house. “Ryan?”

Ryan looked up for a second and continued his slow march towards his bed and some much-needed rest. He ached in places that he shouldn’t be feeling. He waved Seth off; the last thing he wanted was a nursemaid. “Not now Seth.”

He made it into his room and collapsed on his bed. He could practically hear the nervous bundle of energy that was Seth. With great effort he rolled over and stared up at him. “Yes?”

“Dude, what happened? You’ve been gone hours and now you…you look…well…dead.” Seth stared at the Ryan and saw the wife beater ride up to leave the flat stomach uncovered. He also saw hips and his mouth watered. Then he saw something purple right above the jeans. “Ummm, Ry, what happened?”

He shifted and groaned as he did. He looked down and saw the bruises on his hips from Luke’s strong fingers. “Still not sure, but…I had quite an experience.”

“Oh,” Seth sat down and started several times to say something. His hands never stopped until Ryan reached over and grabbed them. “Sorry. Um, Ryan…I sort of…well…”

“Seth, I’m wiped out. Can this wait?” He released Seth’s hands and rolled on his stomach. He groaned.

Placing a hand on Ryan’s back, Seth started talking again. “I…think I know what happened. Why…you…”

Ryan rolled over quickly and sat up, wincing as he did. “You know why...today happened? How!”

“See, there was this fool-proof plan, I mean on the level of Bruce Wayne plan, except I’m no Bruce. And it fell apart because my information was wrong.”

“Stop, I’m getting a headache now.” Ryan plopped back down.

“That coffee you drank…it was spiked.” Seth looked anywhere, but at Ryan.

“With what?”


“You mean the reason I was rock hard for hours…the reason my balls are now empty and I’m more sore than I knew was possible is because you gave me Viagra?” Ryan sat up again and watched as Seth scooted away. “Why?”

Seth started fidgeting again and finally sighed. “I wanted to get in your pants. Well, actually it was to see if guys kissed like girls, but I thought while I was at it I would compare everything.”

Ryan shook his head and flopped back down. “Well, I should beat the crap out of you except I had the best afternoon ever. I’ll have Luke thank you too.”

“You had sex with Luke!” Seth stood up and started pacing again. “That boy is a slut!”

“But he can fuck. In fact once we’re both…healed…we might try it again.” Ryan threw a hand over his eyes and groaned. “It might take a few weeks considering the afternoon workout.”

Seth frowned and walked to the door. “Great, I do all the hard work and Luke gets the payoff.”

Ryan chuckled and then threw a pillow at Seth. “I think you should ask him for a session. I’m telling you – he can fuck.”

“No thanks.” Seth groaned, then mumbled, “I’ll figure another way to seduce you.”

Ryan got out of bed and grabbed Seth’s wrist to pull him close. “You know, I do thank you for the great afternoon. Luke would be happy to show you a good time as a thank you as well.” He paused and turned back to bed. “But if you really wanted me all you had to do was ask, Batman.”

Seth was stunned and turned back, although he didn’t know what to say. It was too late however, Ryan was snoring and Seth could see more hand print bruises. ‘Dammit!


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