Chap. 1

The pencil flew across the page, capturing the sullen look of the young man in the corner of the Common Room. Peter witnessed that look often, longing, desire, and fear. Bobby was too preoccupied to notice, but Peter saw it daily. John longed for Bobby's attention, but since Rogue came, John drew in on himself. Glancing down, Peter ran a finger along part of his sketch, to blur the line, to catch the gloom in John's eyes just right. Peter had all he needed.

Gathering his items, he moved with amazing grace for someone his size, and headed to the room he shared with 'Fire' and 'Ice'.

John walked in the room, annoyed that Peter was in there as well. Walking around the gigantic Russian's bed, John flopped on his own.

"You know you make more noise than Jamie does when he loses control." Peter mumbled into his pillow, referring to Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.

John rolled on his side to face Peter, his eye catching a sketch on the floor between their beds. Reaching down, he brought it closer, words getting caught in his mouth. "Is...is this how you see me?" John was stunned, the naked emotions on the sketch made him want to run and hide. It was obvious that he was no good at hiding his feelings.

Peter sat up and smiled sorrowfully at John. "Yes and no. I see what you long for all day, but can't have. That is what I saw and drew. But people have to watch closely to see that in you." Peter rolled over again, to face away from John. Silence enveloped the room until a warm hand touched Peter's shoulder.

"But you noticed. Why?" John asked softly, scared and excited at what the Russian might say.

Peter rolled over to look at John. "You are not the only one who has desires." Peter tried to smile but it faltered on his lips.

John looked at the handsome, chiseled face of the taller boy. "Me?" A large hand moved long John's face, mapping the contours as if to memorize them.

"Yes," he whispered breathlessly.

Bobby walked into the dorm room after hanging out with Rogue in the game room. In the dim light, he noticed that Peter's bed was empty but then his mouth fell open as he saw Peter in John's bed, wrapped around each other. Bobby didn't know how to react. 'Peter and John?' Jealousy surged through him. They were so close, touching, intimate. Something he wanted desperately from Rogue, but could not be. Bobby's breathing became ragged, his vision blurred, and he took off out of the room.

Chap. 2

John watched as Bobby walked by, oblivious to his presence. Shaking his head, John turned and walked in the opposite direction. He almost changed direction when he saw Rogue talking to Kitty and Xian, but went on anyway.

He still couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that the tall powerful Russian wanting him. John wanted to feel the same way -- not that he didn't enjoy Peter's attention, but he didn't return it completely. It almost felt like lying, but he enjoyed it too much to give it up. He was a teenager with raging hormones and Peter knew how to make him feel like he was on fire and it was one he could not control. His only real regret was that Bobby had seen him and Peter together, and now Bobby was going out of his way to avoid John. That hurt. 'For a best friend, he's being an ass.'

"Hey John!"

John groaned, but stopped when Rogue hailed him. "Yeah?" He didn't want to be rude but everything had changed the moment she walked into the Institute.

"Ready for the big field trip tomorrow?" She got closer to him. "Bobby and I are planning on skipping most of it, want join us?"

John met her gaze and smiled. "Sure." He turned and headed back to his room, away from her, away from thoughts of him. He hated that Bobby was the one he wanted but could never have. Opening the door, he saw Peter sketching near the window. He smiled at him, and cursed himself for not wanting what was in front of him. "Hey."

Peter stood and crossed the small dorm room. Leaning down, he kissed John with all the emotion he could muster. He let his hands roam over the thin, wiry frame. When his hand came to John's crotch, he felt the familiar stirrings in his own. "How about an afternoon nap?"

John could not stop his smile. He knew the nap would have nothing to do with sleeping. "Your bed or mine?"

Bobby stopped outside the door; the low moans and grunts coming from inside told him all he needed to know. He could hear John telling Peter to fuck him, and it made Bobby ache with desire and pain. He wanted to turn and walk away, but he was frozen, wanting to hear all of it, to share in a passion he was denied. Part of him wanted to walk in and interrupt, force them to stop before either managed to come. Instead, he leaned against the door, his cock hard and drooling in his boxers, and wanting so much to be able to share. The cries of release penetrated his misery and he went to find Rogue. One way or another, he would find happiness with Rogue.

Chap. 3 Peter's Lament

The shattered windows, the bullet holes, the holes in the walls, all of it reminded Peter of the last night he'd been happy; ruined in memory and reality. He'd seen the stunt John pulled at the Museum, but Peter had seen John's reckless side before. Peter could read John so well...so he'd thought. 'Magneto? Was I so blind?' Peter walked into the room, saw the remnants of his boyfriends things. 'He was not my boyfriend...he was exercise.' Peter wanted that to be true, but that was John's perspective. Peter had known that John did not fully reciprocate his feelings, but it was so nice to enjoy the touch and warmth of another. So much time was lost fearing rejection, hiding the truth about so many things, it had been such a welcome change of events. In the end Peter had only ended up hurting more.

Slumping on his bed, he looked down and saw a sketch, the one that pushed John towards him. The pain rippled in Peter’s heart. ‘So stupid…I knew better!’ He did but he’d wanted, needed it so much, and John had been willing. ‘I was there and who he wanted wasn’t.’ Part of him wanted to rip the sketch up, burn all of them that he’d done of John…of Bobby…of them all. But the artist in him refused, it was a moment in time preserved in charcoal on paper. All of them, whether satire or honest emotional look, deserved to stay. He might never look at them again, but he’d keep them. He’d been on the run for two days, protecting his charges to the best of his ability, but now he was tired, mentally, physically, emotionally. Placing his head on his pillow, he did not acknowledge the opening of the door. ‘His fault…all his fault.’ Peter listened as Bobby collapsed on his bed. He ignored the tears now covering his pillow and heard the sobs coming from the other bed.

Rising from his own misery, Peter wanted to lash out, to hurt Bobby, but couldn’t. He settled on his bed and as tired as he was he scooped Bobby up and hugged him.

Bobby leaned on the solid mass that was Peter Rasputin and let all his grief flood out. Grief for the betrayal of his brother, the fear of his parents, the reality of his relationship with Rogue, the death of Dr. Grey…the loss of him. Bobby held onto Peter for dear life, afraid of being swept away by his grief. Bobby cried until sleep claimed him.

Peter woke up and was still holding Bobby. Moving as quietly as he could, he got out of bed and headed to shower. He ached in his soul. His first exercise this morning should have been with Dr. Grey, but now…

Peter wasn't sure what to do with his grief. He had allowed Bobby to unleash his, but Peter had been a rock. Showering quickly, before anyone else was up, he patrolled the halls. He crept back into his room and changed, noting that Bobby still hadn’t moved. The day moved slowly. Peter’s muscles ached as his heart did. The discussion on ‘The Once and Future King’ didn't interest him. He saw some of the quick glances that Professor Xavier cast his way, but he was weary. He knew he was in for it when he was asked to stay after class. He watched as the Professor wheeled close to him.

“You know Peter, it is not a good thing to keep grief bottled inside.”

Peter looked down. “It’s all I have right now.”

Charles moved his hand to Peter’s shoulder. “No, it isn’t. All around us are people who are grieving. You are a man who’s heart knows no bounds. One bad experience does not mean you can close your heart.” Charles paused for a moment. “Go ahead to calculus, Scott is waiting.”

Peter endured Calculus as a normal course of learning, but watching Scott the whole time, he understood what the Professor meant. Scott was a reserved man, Peter was proud of catching one of Scott’s rare open moments on paper. It was in pencil on a simple sheet of white paper, but the smile would warm anyone’s heart. The mountain of grief weighed on the man and yet he was here, teaching, doing his duty. The rest of the class filed past Peter but he waited.

Scott saw Peter still sitting in his chair, dwarfing it and everything around him. “Can I help you?”

Peter rose and walked to the desk. He leaned on it and looked into Scott’s eyes. “No, but I can help you.” He pulled the smaller man into a tight embrace.

Scott wanted to resist but lacked the strength. He knew he shouldn’t, he needed to be strong, but the compassion broke his resolve and he allowed Peter to hear his grief.

Holding his teacher and mentor broke part of Peter’s wall was well. Tears left streaks and time held no meaning. He felt Scott pull away. His artist’s eye saw that the mountain was no longer crushing and that the pain was of pure love lost. Scott would heal in time, maybe opening up to another someday.

Scott closed his eyes, removed his glasses, and wiped his cheeks. Placing them back on, he could see, even in a ruby colored world, that Peter was aching. He asked him in Russian. “Are you okay, Piotr?”

Peter closed his eyes and responded in kind. “Yes.” Before Scott could say anything, he walked out and strode to his dorm room. Scott shook his head at the retreating figure. “Thank you,” he said to an empty room. He made a mental note to check on Peter everyday. The pure shining noble soul that was Piotr did not deserve to feel alone and abandoned.

Bobby heard the door open. He saw Peter walk in with a box. In a few moments time all of John’s things where inside, packed up. No memory of John having lived there remained. Bobby shifted and watched as Peter stripped to nothing and climbed into his bed. Guilt overwhelmed Bobby at that moment. He got up, changed and headed to the door. “Peter…I’m sorry.”

“I am not the one who needs to hear that.”

The ache in Bobby’s heart swelled. Turning to walk out, he whispered. “I know.”

Chap. 4

Bobby walked to his room, apprehensive, scared, and excited. All his life he’d worked hard to hide, to be normal; and he was anything but. The door opened slightly showing Bobby that Peter was asleep, the light pooling across the massive sculpted chest. Taking a calming breath to ease his tension, Bobby closed the door and stripped off his clothes. Just yesterday morning he’d tried to apologize to Peter for his behavior. Peter had been right, he owed others an apology first.

He'd talked to Rogue tonight. Really talked. It had had been painful but necessary. She’d known on some level since that day at his house, in his room, when he'd kissed her. Now she knew for sure.

His eyes still felt puffy from his tears. Rogue had been harsh and cruel at times, mocking his excuses. The whole school would know by morning that Bobby was queer and that he’d used Rogue.

He looked down at the smooth pale skin of Peter’s chest. Gathering his courage he slipped into the bed next to his Russian friend. He slowly placed a kiss on Peter’s soft lips.

Peter’s eyes flew open, a slice of silver moonlight illuminated his bed partner. “Bobby?” Peter whispered softly. He could see the traces of tear streaks and the hint of puffiness that betrayed Bobby’s emotional state.

Bobby’s voice failed him for a second, the look of concern on Pete’s face unlocked the door to his desires. Moving forward he kissed him with all his fervor.

A tongue swiped at Peter’s lips and he granted it entrance. His mind was still sleep fogged, drained from the emotional toil of the past few days. He returned the kiss honestly until his brain caught up and he pushed Bobby back with minimal effort. “No.”

“Peter…” words again failed him. He pleaded with his eyes and his voice again found itself. “I…please?”

The cool body next to his was turning Peter on. Bobby's mouth continued to plead his case and Peter's body continued to betray him. Against his better judgment, he acquiesced. His hands roamed over the contours of the smaller frame next to his. The kiss resumed, but at a much more frantic pace.

Bobby kissed Peter with abandon. He was so hard his dick hurt. He’d denied who he was for so long, but now his friend was next to him, allowing him to taste what he feared. His hands flew over Peter’s body, groping, grabbing, trying to take in the magnificent form next to him. One hand brushed across Peter’s boxers and stopped for a moment.

The kiss was intense and Peter wanted more. He could feel Bobby’s hands hesitate as they came to his boxers. Peter decided to start, pulling Bobby’s boxers off of him. He let one of his hands cup Bobby. The boy’s cock was hard and Peter traced its length, gaining a shudder from Iceboy.

Bobby responded by moving his hands into Peter’s crotch. He brushed the other boy’s dick and gasped. “You…you’re huge!”

Peter kept kissing Bobby and playing with his cock. “So I’ve been told before.” Peter broke the kiss and moved down, slowly swallowing the head Bobby’s dick. His tongue moved over the head then slipped lower to trace the circumcision scar. The moans from Bobby encouraged Peter to take more in his mouth. Peter pulled off and looked at the writhing boy next to him. Peter came to a decision.

“Bobby, I want to fuck you.” He noted the sudden widening of the boy’s eyes but also the hint of desire.

Bobby ran his hand along Peter’s cock again. “I’m…I’m a virgin. I don’t think I could fit that in…in me.” Bobby looked at Peter’s dick again. He saw that it was uncut, long and thick. He gasped when he felt a tongue swipe at his asshole and bit back a scream. The sensations overpowered his reasoning, his ass was a source of pleasure he’d never known. He wanted - needed - more.


Peter heard the pleading in his voice and his need matched Bobby’s. He swiped at Bobby’s hole one last time. He wanted to fuck Bobby and he knew it might not happen. He was much bigger than the average male. With dexterity that might make Nightcrawler jealous, Peter grabbed a condom and a tube of lube from his bedside table.

“Bobby, tell me to stop and I will. I don’t want to hurt you.” He heard a favorable response and slowly pushed a finger into Bobby.

Bobby screamed and came all over his stomach as Peter pushed his finger inside. He looked down and saw that his dick was still hard; he wanted more. He’d waited too long to taste this, he was not giving it up until he passed out.

Panting, he cried, “Peter, please!”

“I need to make sure you are ready before I try, Robert. Now relax.” Peter twirled his finger in Bobby’s ass, slowly moving it back and forth. Steadily, he added a second finger and felt Bobby clinch up.


Bobby felt his ass stretch, fuller than he had ever been. “FUCK!” Pushing back on those fingers made his cock jump. He felt a third finger pierce him. He wanted more. Peter was huge, but Bobby was beyond caring. “Peter, now!”

Hearing that plea made Peter’s cock twitch, but he continued to slowly finger fuck Bobby with three fingers. He pulled them out and placed the condom on his cock. He rolled Bobby on his back, legs in the air, and guided his wide cockhead to the Bobby’s slick opening. He kissed Bobby as he penetrated his ring, swallowing the sudden cry of his roommate.

Bobby had never felt such a rush of pain. Peter’s tongue down his throat kept his scream silent and then he felt something that forced his hips to buck. The pain melted as Peter began to fuck him. ‘I’m getting fucked!’ His ass hurt like hell but something was making his body feel incredible, he could feel his cock throbbing. The kiss ended and Bobby whispered. “Fuck!”

Peter slowly pumped his friend, knowing that this was nothing more than two friends having sex. Part of him was ashamed, but the horny boy in him wanted this desperately. He’d taken Bobby’s cherry and then some, but he also wanted Bobby to enjoy it, to have this as a special memory, to help with whatever had pained him earlier.

Bobby thought he'd died and gone to heaven; at least that's what he would have concluded if thought could have entered his pleasure-clouded mind. His cock was aching again, like he hadn’t come in days. Bliss radiated from every part of his body, he looked up and could see Peter’s straining face in the moonlight. He tried to meet the thrusts in his ass but could not match the rhythm that Pete set. He could not hold back any longer.

“Peter! I’m gunna…”

Peter felt Bobby’s muscles spasm around him and he came as well. Warm slickness coated his chest and Bobby’s stomach. It took effort not to collapse on Bobby but he outweighed him by almost one hundred pounds and did not want to hurt him. He pulled his softening cock out of Bobby’s ravaged ass and earned a moan.

“You okay?” Peter asked as he rolled on his side and let Bobby try to restore feeling to his legs.

Bobby smiled, muscles he’d never known he had screamed at him. His ass was never going to recover, he was sure of it. Still he looked over at Peter’s concerned expression. “Thanks…my ass, and body, will recover, but…”

Peter leaned over and kissed Bobby again, but this was tender and full of care. “What made you want this?”

“I told Rogue that it was best if we stopped seeing each other…that we were better off as friends.” Bobby could not meet Peter’s gaze and instead used a t-shirt to clean off his come-covered chest.

Peter remembered the look on Bobby’s face earlier. “I see. And it did not go well.” It was a comment not a question. Peter did not wait for the answer, instead pulled Bobby into a hug, pulling the blankets over them.

“She ripped into me…called me a liar and a user. Told me that she had a clue after I kissed her and she took John’s powers at my parents’ house. She said some other stuff too. I figure the whole school will know I’m queer by morning.”

Peter held Bobby tight to his chest. “She’s hurt and upset, she’ll get over it. As for the rest of the students, don’t worry, they won’t say much because John and I were not that discrete.” Peter looked at Bobby directly for his next part. “You can’t live your life trying to be something you are not, Robert. We will talk in the morning.” Peter kissed his forehead and closed his eyes.

Bobby snuggled closer to Pete, loving the warmth of his friend. Bobby suddenly wanted to cry. He knew that Peter was only acting as a friend. Part of him wanted this to be something more, but Peter had been hurt by John already and part of that was Bobby’s fault.

The irony didn't escape him. Tonight Rogue had torn him a new one and Peter had thoroughly fucked him. The tears rolled down his cheeks and his slight shift sent shockwaves to tired, stressed muscles. He curled into what warmth Peter offered and hoped that tomorrow would not be another horror.

Scott walked down the Boys’ Dorm Hall heading towards Peter and Bobby’s room. He’d been walking past the Den when he overheard giggles concerning Bobby’s sexuality. Scott heard Logan gruffly tell all the students that it didn’t matter a bit if Drake was gay and to drop it. Scott wanted to see if Bobby was okay, make sure that the boy was not falling into despair. He’d figured there was more to Bobby and John than what they let on, but when it came to his attention that John had been seeing Peter, everything fell into place. There were many issues that Bobby had to confront and Scott knew all too well that sometimes a person needed help. He was about to knock on the door when he heard:


Scott pulled his hand back when he heard the moans and decided that Bobby was letting his barriers fall. ‘I guess I’ll talk to Peter instead. He has the best head on his shoulders among the kids.’ Scott stifled his own pangs of loss and need for comfort and headed to his new room.

Peter shifted and noted that Bobby was still curled next to him. The alarm clock said they still had an hour before class. He needed to talk to him before things got out of hand. “Bobby?”

Bobby stirred and shifted next to Pete. His ass complained as he moved, as did a few other muscle groups, but his dick was as hard as it had been last night. “Morning, Pete.” Bobby ran his hand down Peter’s stomach and found that Peter was erect as well. Bobby began to slowly jack it, feeling its weight in his hand.

Peter pulled back and looked at his bedmate. “Looks like you have no regrets this morning.”

“Nope. Ummm, Peter? Would you…ah…fuck me again?”

Peter wasted no time and rolled Bobby into position. Quickly locating the lube and a condom, Peter entered Bobby with care.

Bobby’s ass opened up and suddenly he lost all thought again. “FUCK!”

Peter was amazed that Bobby wanted to do it again so quickly, but he was happy to have early morning sex. He fucked him harder than last night, forcing Bobby to moan and pant.

“I coming!” Bobby screamed and did. He looked up to catch of pure ecstasy on Peter’s face as he filled his condom.

Rolling off Bobby, Peter took several deep breaths to recover. He did not relish what he was going to say but it had to be done. “Bobby. We need to talk.”

Bobby sighed. “Peter…I know. I…just needed this and thanks.” Bobby was yanked into a hug.

“No, you don’t know. Bobby, we are friends…and you can come to me for anything. But I am not wanting to date right now. Okay?”

“Oh.” Bobby got out of bed and his ass screamed. “Peter…thanks, for…everything.” Bobby walked gingerly to the adjoining shower when he found that he was wrapped in a big bear hug.

“Robert, I am your friend…consider that last night and this morning were a perk.”

Bobby looked up at Peter and realized how much he depended on him for support. He kissed Pete’s cheek. “I envy the guy you finally give your heart to.”

Peter let Bobby go, watched him enter the bathroom, and slumped on his bed. “It will never be the one I want.”

Peter saw Bobby in the hall between classes. The look of loneliness on his face was stark. Spotting Sam, Peter walked up to him. “Have people been rude to Robert?”

“Dude, you haven’t heard? Bobby and Rogue broke up cause he is gay. He hasn’t said a word to anyone. Kitty tried to talk to him as did Roberto, Xian, and Jamie. He’s ignoring everyone and well…Rogue has said some pretty nasty stuff about him.”

“Listen, you spread the word that anyone who hassles Bobby will have to deal with me.”

Sam saw the look in Peter’s eyes and nodded. “I’ll tell Jubs to tell Rogue to back off.”

“Do that. I need to talk to Bobby.” Peter walked off and Sam stood there thinking he would not want to ever confront an angry Peter.

“Bobby, are you alright?” Peter asked as he pulled Bobby into a darkened alcove.

“I’m fine, wish people would stop asking.”

Peter hugged Bobby and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. “People are asking because they care. Don’t close them out. I have to go but we’ll talk tonight.”

Scott finished his lecture and dismissed the class. “Peter, can you wait a moment?”

Peter was surprised to be asked to wait. His grades were excellent across the board, even English. Waiting for the class to clear, he walked to Mr. Summers’ desk. “Yes, sir?”

Scott looked up at the powerful Russian and tried to smile, but it faltered. “Peter, don’t worry, your ‘A’ is still solid. I wanted to talk to you about Bobby.”

Peter’s heart began to hammer in his chest. “Yes?”

“You are the kindest, strongest, warmest, person here. Please keep an eye out for him.” Scott looked away, trying to will away the sudden color in his cheeks. “I was going to stop by last night to talk to him, but…I didn’t want to interrupt anything.”

Peter suddenly joined Scott in blushing. “I…”

Scott motioned that it was okay. “He’s fragile right now and I wanted to be there for him, but also to warn you about the possibility that he might become dependent on you.”

Peter sagged against the desk. “Sir, I am only his friend and I told him that. Sorry you overheard us.” Peter thought his face must be flaming as hot as it felt.

“I don’t know what we would do without you, Peter. You are the person everyone runs to for advice and a shoulder to cry on.” Scott glanced at the clock on the wall. “Hurry, you have a practice session with Wolverine.” Scott watched Peter depart. The ache in his heart flared and he hated himself for his weakness.

Peter left the room and headed downstairs, fighting back sudden tears. ‘The one everyone runs to for a shoulder. I will never have the one I want, to whom does the rock go for support?

Chap. 5

Peter Rasputin sat on the edge of his chair and tried to will the pencil in his hand to move across the blank page in front of him. The desk in his room was cramped, but he did not want distractions. It had been almost five months since Dr. Grey’s death and it seemed like a lifetime ago. Peter was an X-Man now as were Bobby and Marie, but much more had changed. Bobby was rooming with another teenager. Peter didn’t know if Sean Cassidy and Bobby were dating, but he was happy that they were close. Rogue was dating some charming rogue named Remy LeBeau.

Peter shook his head to clear it and still the pencil refused to cooperate. Finally he set aside the ache in his heart and succumbed to the image in his mind. The picture formed and it connected to his hand. The graphite marks were heavy or light depending on the pressure Peter applied. Time had no meaning as he finally embraced the image that haunted him for weeks. The stoic face of Scott Summers slowly came to life on the page beneath him. A sigh escaped as Peter placed the pencil down. Separating the drawing from the sketch pad, he looked at it again. He opened the drawer and placed it on top of other sketches he’d done – some of former classmates, others of Senior X-Men, and a few of things he could not have. Scott Summers fell into two of those categories and Peter knew that was all he would ever have – an image on paper.

He walked to the window of his room and could feel fall in the air. He loved living at the Xavier Institute, even with all the heartache that came with it. Prof. Xavier had asked him to become something of a Dorm Warden. All the younger kids came running to Peter when they were sad, lonely, or scared. Peter didn’t mind, he missed being a big brother. But he never talked to anyone about what he wanted – needed. He shook his head again and changed clothes. The weather was much too nice to be inside and a game of softball was called for.

“That was a great idea there, bub,” Logan told Peter. “Everyone needed to get out and relax. Hell, even ol’ one eye came out of hiding. That’s nothing short of a miracle.”

“Thanks, Logan. I’m glad everyone had fun. We all need to unwind from the training and stress.” Peter lifted two equipment bags with ease and headed toward an outdoor shed.

“Well, good call. Charlie is even allowing us to have pizza tonight.” Logan lit a cigar as he turned to walk to the Mansion. “Hey, Peter, you want to ride into town and pick up the food?”

Peter looked down at his dusty clothes. His legs were caked with sweat and dirt. “Not a problem, but I’ll have to clean up first.” He watched as Wolverine nodded and walked away. Peter stacked the two bags in the shed and closed it up. He stretched his six foot eight inch frame from the balls of his feet to the tips of his fingers over his head. A deep breath popped a few joints and he let out a slow sigh. “Today was a good day.”

I hate Wolverine!’ Peter thought as he down shifted his truck trying not to look at his passenger. Peter liked the cologne that Scott was wearing. Driving from the Institute to Salem Center only took fifteen minutes, but Harry’s Pizza house was bound to be packed and twenty pizzas took time to make regardless of how long the place told you it was going to take. Peter took a second to glance over and saw Scott’s expressionless profile. But the cologne was driving Peter slowly insane.

Peter took a deep breath and knew that it was a bad idea. “Did you have fun at the game today, Scott?”

Scott turned to face him. “I did. That was a great idea, Peter. See, you would make an excellent teacher.”

“I have to finish college first, Scott.” It felt strange to call Scott by his first name, but he’d insisted. Peter knew that Scott maintained a level of formality with the other former students, but for some reason he didn’t with Peter. He liked that Scott relaxed around him, if only he hadn’t worn cologne that made Peter want to lick every inch of his body.

Scott chuckled. “I’m only saying that you have the talent and patience to be a teacher. Of course you are an amazing artist, so you should concentrate on what you want to do.”

“Thank you for that vote of confidence. Cool, Salem Center.”

Peter pulled onto Main Street and saw the full parking lot for Harry’s. He pulled in quickly as a close parking spot opened up. He got out and locked the doors from the alarm device. Peter looked down to make sure he wasn’t too wrinkled or that his crotch wasn’t showing off his feelings for Scott. Satisfied that he looked like he normally did he walked around the truck. Peter gave Scott a big grin and walked to the door an opened it for him.

Scott raised an eyebrow. “Thank you sir.”

“You are very welcome.” Peter’s head was spinning when Scott passed him. The cologne was driving him nuts.

“Can I ask you something? What cologne are you wearing?”

Scott smirked. “Not sure, it is something Storm gave me on the way out. I like it, just not sure what it is.”

They walked inside and the place was packed with Saturday night dates. Peter was glad that he’d showered and changed into some of his better clothes at Logan’s suggestion. Peter followed Scott as they made their way to the pick up window.

“Hi, Harry,” Scott said as he shook the hand of the long time owner. “Looks like another packed Saturday night.”

“Mr. Summers, always a pleasure. You here for the Institute order? Afraid that one was picked up twenty minutes ago.”

“Are you sure?” Scott asked. “Logan told us that it would be ready about now.”

Peter walked up and placed a hand on Scott’s shoulder. He leaned a bit to whisper in Scott’s ear. “Is there a problem?”

Harry handed Scott a piece of paper. “Ms. Munroe left this for you though.” Harry walked off to help another customer.

Scott chuckled and handed the paper to Peter. “It appears that we were sent out of the house.”

‘Dinner already taken care of. You two need to have a night away. Enjoy. Ororo.’ Peter chuckled. “So shall we have a bite to eat?”

Scott nodded. “Might as well. You play pool?”

"Of course I play pool; I beat the guys all the time.” Peter walked to the front again to place their names on a list for a table.

“Mr. Summer’s name is on the list for right now. We have a table for both of you.”

Peter traded a look with Scott and followed to a nice table in the back. It was dimly lit and had candles for the primary source of light. All around them were couples having low level conversations. They sat in a booth facing each other. Peter smiled shyly at Scott. “Seems kind of…intimate.”

“Does that bother you?”

Peter shook his head. “No. I kind of like it,” Peter mumbled.

Scott reached across the table to lift Peter’s chin. “Can you say that again? I can hear well and read lips, but I didn’t catch that.”

Peter was glad of the low lighting. It covered his blush. “I said I kind of like it.”

“Hmmm…” Scott looked off in another direction for a split second. “Do you have any idea why Ororo and Logan set this up?”

Peter turned his head and looked down. Slowly he looked up at Scott. “I’m…not sure. I…I think I’ve kept my feelings to myself…for the most part.”

“It is public knowledge that Bobby and you had a fling. I know…because I heard you.” Scott sipped the beer in front of him.

Peter had a fake driver’s license that said he was twenty-one so he too had a beer. Scott had not stopped him from ordering it. “I remember you mentioned it once. Do you have any idea why they set this up?”

“Not really. The Professor doesn’t invade people’s privacy – if he did…” Scott stopped talking.

Peter frowned and started peeling the label of the beer bottle. “If he did then…”

“Peter…I know I’ve been hiding a lot, but…there is so much going on. I keep busy with training and teaching, but that is it. I loved Jean and miss her.”

Peter stared down at the table refusing to acknowledge that his heart was beginning to crack like glass.

Scott continued. “But…Jean might have told Ororo that my dreams…my dreams contained truths and desires I couldn't hide.”

Peter looked up suddenly. The waiter approached and asked for their order. Both men made it quickly. Peter was annoyed at being interrupted, but the growls from his stomach dampened his temper. “What kind of dreams?”

“It doesn’t matter. By the way, I kind of like it too – the ambiance.” Scott smirked. “Still I think Ororo and Logan deserve a little retribution.”

Peter smiled. “Later. For now I think you and I need to talk a bit.”

“Do you like me Piotr? I don’t mean as friends either.”

Peter lowered his head for a second before looking at Scott. “I’ve liked you for a long time, Scott, for a very long time.”

Scott reached across the table to place his hand on top of Peter’s. “Even before Jean died I thought of you. You are something special Peter. If you want…to go slow…then I think we can both have what we’ve long desired.”

Peter smiled and shifted his hand to squeeze Scott’s. “I’ve waited this long I don’t see the harm in taking our time. All I ask is that we talk. Don’t shut me out.”

Their food arrived and they settled back to talk about the college courses Peter was going to take. Scott told Peter about writing his thoughts and feelings in a journal. Dinner become light hearted and easy conversation. Scott picked up the check and they walked out.

“We didn’t play any pool,” Peter mentioned as they slowly strolled to the truck. He inhaled deeply. Scott’s cologne was again surrounding him. He walked up next to him and sniffed. “God you smell so good.”

Peter circled his arms around Scott’s shoulders. Scott leaned back into the embrace. “You smell good too, Peter.”

Peter opened Scott’s door for him and walked around to climb in as well. He glanced at his watch quickly. “It is early. Would you like to do something?”

Scott nodded and gave Peter some directions.

Peter parked the truck in the garage and smiled as Scott came around the vehicle. Peter was surprised when Scott grabbed Peter’s hand and pulled him away from the door.

Scott opened a panel and a hidden elevator opened. “Come on, we’ll go down to the basement level and take an elevator to my room. I don’t feel like dealing with questions until the morning.” Scott still had Peter’s hand and did not let go.

Peter nodded and followed. They walked down the pristine silver alloy hall toward an elevator that would take them to Scott’s third floor room. He liked the feel of Scott’s hand in his. Despite the conversation to take it slow, the kissing had been wild and passionate at the Botanical Gardens. Peter hadn't known it was one of Scott’s favorite places. The beauty of the flowers and scents did not distract Peter from taking in Scott the whole time. Even now, Peter wanted nothing more than to kiss the serious man in front of him, to divest him of all his clothes and make him scream with pleasure. Peter stopped that train before it got too far ahead of him.

The elevator opened and Scott led them to his room. He opened the door and stepped back to let Peter walk in first. It was a large bedroom at the end of the hall on the third floor. Scott had no neighbors at the moment which granted him the peace and quiet he preferred.

“You want a beer, Peter?”

Peter nodded and followed Scott as the slightly older man walked to a small refrigerator in his room. He accepted the beer from Scott and ensconced himself on the King sized bed.

“Wow, you have a huge bed.”

“I bought a new one when I moved in here. It's a larger room and I’ve always wanted a bed that could swallow me.” Scott smiled and sipped his beer.

“I need one like that. I’m used to sleeping all folded up.”

Peter stood up and walked over to the wall Scott was leaning against. He placed his beer down so he could hold him. Peter leaned down and kissed Scott again. He was lost in the sensation of the kiss getting deeper and stronger. He ran a hand along the angled cheekbones he knew from his artist’s memory so well. He dropped a hand to pull Scott closer to place them in full body contact. Slowly Peter pulled back to let the kiss end so they could breathe.

Scott ran his hands along Peter’s abs and chest. He slowly unbuttoned the shirt in front of him, wanting to touch the flesh without barriers. The shirt fell to the ground and Scott pulled the undershirt out of Peter’s dark jeans. Peter lifted the t-shirt off and Scott had full access to the naked torso. He ran a hand along the sculpted abs. Placing a gentle kiss on one of the massive pectoral muscles, Scott moved a hand around to squeeze the ass he’d seen in his dreams for months.

Peter pulled back for a second and sat on the bed. He removed his boots and socks. He reached out and pulled Scott closer. It was his turn now. He moved his hand’s along Scott’s thin wiry frame and lifted the sweater up. He made sure that Scott’s glasses stayed on as he removed the interfering clothing. He reached up again and pulled Scott’s head down so they could kiss. In seconds Peter found that he was on his back with Scott on top. The kiss broke again and he smiled.

“You are so beautiful, Scott.”

Scott blushed and gripped one of Peter’s arms. “So are you Piotr.” Scott rolled off and shucked off his shoes and socks. He sat up for a second and went to the bedside table. He pulled off his glasses and placed a set goggles on that looked like a modified swim set. Scott moved back and kissed Peter again. “Had to change them so I don’t hurt you on accident.”

Peter smiled and deepened the kiss. He ran his hand through the thick short hair and could feel the then strap that held the goggles in place. He didn’t care. His jeans were very tight now and he had to take them off. His cock was at an awkward angle. He shifted a bit to dislodge Scott’s body, but not his mouth. He ran a hand down to undo his jeans, but he was stopped.

“Let me do that for you. A little eager aren’t you?” Scott was smiling as he said that.

Peter swallowed before answering. “Jeans have become a bit too tight and…I’m…the angle is a bit painful.”

Scott undid the button and pulled the zipper down. It was locker room knowledge that Peter was a big boy in every way, but Scott was impressed with bulge in the black boxer-briefs beneath him. Running a hand along the heavy ridge, he whistled. “You are a big boy, Peter.”

Peter blushed and sat up to kick off his jeans. He wanted to taste Scott. The scent of the cologne was stronger. He pushed Scott down and undid the older man’s slacks. He found a hard cock waiting in a pair of black briefs. He pulled off the slacks and settled next to Scott, allowing them full body contact. Kissing the smooth, fit body was more than Peter had ever imagined and his mind’s eye and practice knowledge did not do justice to what his senses were giving him first hand. Every part of Peter was on fire as he and Scott kissed and nipped at each other. Passion and desire that had been held in check for so long had burst forth and they were making the most of it.

Scott pulled back and placed a hand on Peter’s groin. He could feel the young man’s pulse. He pulled down the boxer-briefs and began to slowly jack Peter’s heavy cock. The moans brought a smile to his face and he increased his tempo, but was stopped as Peter push him back and pulled off his briefs and began to do the same. Scott gave into the pleasure for second before stopping him.

“Wait. I want to do what I’ve dreamed about for so long now…”

“For you Scott, anything.”

Scott kissed Peter again and rolled Peter onto his side and pushed up a leg. “I’ve wanted to be in you for so long, to be balls deep in you. Please?”

Peter shuddered and nodded. He closed his eyes and heard a drawer open. A few moments later the sound of a bottle cap being opened echoed in the room. He stiffened as a cold gel was applied, but it soon warmed up and Peter relaxed as Scott slowly prepared him. He bit his lip as the first finger breached him. “Ahhh”

“You okay?”

“Yeah…been a long time.”

“I’ll go slow.”

Peter nodded again and moaned as Scott’s long elegant fingers continued to probe him. He reached down to jack his cock, but had his hand slapped away.

“I’ll take care of that for you don’t you worry.” Scott smiled and kissed him again.

Peter yelped as Scott massaged his prostate. “Oh fuck!”

“That is the idea.” Scott pulled his fingers out and rolled the condom he had waiting down his cock. A little gel on his cock and he settled slightly on top of Peter. He guided his cock inside and pushed into the tight heat he’d been dreaming of for so long.

Peter moaned as Scott started fucking him. He tried to be quiet, but it felt so good that he could not stop his pants and groans. Time slowed as he lost himself in the pleasure and joy that it was Scott doing this at last. When Scott reached down and started jacking his cock in time with his thrusts, Peter was in heaven. He may have been a mature eighteen year old, but he’d shown heroic restraint so far and could not stop his orgasm. He turned his head and yelled into a pillow as his entire body spasmed from his release.

Scott could not hold out much longer than Peter. It had been months since he’d had a partner and he gave himself over to the feelings. As his breathing returned to normal, he slipped out and made sure Peter was still alive. Scott stood up and divested himself of the condom and discarded it on the way to the bathroom. He felt two arms wrap around his waist and he leaned back into a very sweaty Peter.

“Was that good for you?”

Peter shifted so he could kiss Scott. He placed a tender one on his lips. He smiled. “It was all I’d ever hoped for and more.”

“Shower with me?”

“Only if I can stay here tonight. I don’t think I can make it back to my room quietly.”

Scott smiled again. “I was counting on waking up with you next to me.”

Peter looked down and had a new image he wanted to sketch – a brilliant smile on a serious man. “It’s a deal then.”


The End



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