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WARNING: NC-17 Slash Fiction

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Welcome to The Litney, a Smallville Alternate Universe that imagines the possibilities that might have been open to Whitney Fordman if he had been given an option other than the Marines after he lost his Kansas State scholarship and his father passed away.

The Litney Universe is pure "slash" fiction, its content 100% NC-17. Anyone under the age of 17 or who is offended by m/m relationships should seek Smallville Stories elsewhere. There's a lovely growing G and PG Smallville Fiction archive at Tall Tales.

The Litney Universe began as an the eleven chapter FanFic, Daddy Longlegs, written by B'Lane (BeresfordLane). The fic is is set four years after the Smallville Episode, Obscura (Ep. 120), and establishes what Whitney calls a "May-August" relationship with his benefactor, Lionel Luthor.

Year One of The Litney now continues with The Ring, a series of at least ten chapters being written as a collaboration between B'Lane and Elrond. (Titles of the first seven fics are at left.)

B'Lane and Elrond are also working on Before the Beginning: Summer Lovers, which fleshes out the romance between Whitney and Clark the summer Lex abandoned Clark "for his own good."

The Fate of Year Two

Previously, B'Lane had outlined her intent to create The Litney Universe, Year Two, which would coincide with each episode of Smallville's second season. Although a second year IS still planned, and WILL incorporate many of the elements of Smallville S2, it is unclear at this time how closely Year Two will stick to the second season of Smallville.

As soon as we figure it out, we'll let you know.

General Stuff

Authors: B'Lane (BeresfordLane) and Elrond
Feedback: More, Please!
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Whitney/Lionel - "The Litney"
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 Slash. Graphic m/m sex
Archive: Please inform me where it is being posted.
Disclaimer: If it was mine, I'd be driving a nicer car and living someplace with palm trees.


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